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Waste & Recycling Services

PragmaTech Waste Solutions provides a one-stopshop for all of your waste & recycling needs. Our services include:

• Haulage (front load bins, totes etc.)
• Bulk & temporary roll-off bins
• Cardboard recycling (bins, baled, compacted etc.)
• Organics recycling
• Hazardous waste services & e-waste recycling

Waste Audits

Our team of Certified Waste Auditors are experienced in conducting on-site impartial, third party waste and recycling audits for a variety of Clients within the Residential, Industrial, Commercial & Institutional sectors.

Using the Standard Waste Audit Methodology (SWAM), the PragmaTech audit team conducts a thorough sort to determine all streams of waste generated to identify opportunities for improved waste reduction and diversion. Following the physical on-site sort, audit results are presented in an audit report, and any issues of non-compliance are noted, as per all applicable waste management regulations, for immediate attention.

Remote Monitoring & Management

PragmaTech Waste Solutions utilizes the Pandora Remote Monitoring System (RMS) - a wireless communication platform, to create efficient and automated waste management solutions for our Clients. We generate savings for our Clients by ensuring all compactor bins are only serviced when full. The Pandora RMS automatically schedules pickups when a compactor's bin reaches a specified fullness level – eliminating the cost of unnecessary collections while at the same time reducing our Clients’ carbon footprint. All of this is managed through an innovative web-based platform that can be accessed 24/7.

Waste Consulting & Solutions

As a leader in waste management solutions, PragmaTech's waste industry experts design comprehensive, easy-to use, sustainable waste & recycling solutions to reduce overall costs and carbon footprint while complying with local, provincial and federal waste rules & regulations. Our services include:

• Onside analysis of current practices
• Complete audit of existing equipment, enclosures
• Bin rightsizing
• Levee fee analysis; including comprehensive reporting