Find out how you can benefit from Pandora’s optimized waste management and measure actual cost savings.

PragmaTech Waste Solutions Operating North American Wide

PragmaTech is the most innovative waste and recycling company in the industry… bar none. PragmaTech uses the proprietary software Pandora Intelligent Networks, to monitor the performance of on-site equipment. Our staff monitors these performances 24/7 to ensure all services are being provided in a timely and efficient manner.

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We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency, and offering significant savings to all of our customers. These customers range from very small businesses to very large corporations.

PragmaTech can manage every aspect of your waste and recycling handling, as well as waste and recycling procedures, maintenance and servicing of equipment. Our full suite of waste management solutions operates independently of waste and recycling haulers, facilities or vendors. This enables us to customize both the best practices as well as the best solutions, per waste stream, for you.

Please feel free to contact us and learn more about transparency in waste, and find out why we are being awarded these substantial contracts.

Environmental Innovations

PragmaTech is an environmentally based company with true understanding of today’s waste and recycling based requirements.

Experts in the Industry

We offer a team of professionally trained and learned individuals who have vast experiences in the fields of compliance, as well as diversion.

Significant Savings

Our clients save as much as 60% of current haulage costs through simple, easy to manage waste and recycling programs.

Remote Monitoring

We create value for any organization responsible for waste collection saving as much as 60% of all waste pick-ups by ensuring pickups are only initiated and completed when a bin is full.
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Waste Audits

While waste audits are mandatory in Ontario, our award winning waste audit team has been providing waste audits throughout North America for companies who’s trust we’ve earned.
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Waste Consulting

PragmaTech Waste Solutions is committed to bringing transparency and accountability to customers by providing innovative, green and easy-to-use products and services powered by Pandora Intelligent Networks®.
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What Our Clients Say

The municipality has had its trucking costs reduced by 70%. Exchanging the old system recycling bins was on a weekly cycle, and now it’s monthly. The new compaction bins will compact 7 to 8 tons per bin and the old style would only hold 1 ...

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Municipality of McDougall
...completes our annual waste audits in a well-organized and seamless manner without any interruption to our staff or tenants. They follow up regularly to ensure we are on track with our identified waste reduction goals...Compiles all the annual waste/recycling data and composes a comprehensive audit ...

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Conestoga Mall
They provide excellent on-site management on an ongoing basis, while providing all of our waste and recycling equipment...The audit was well organized ahead of time and executed seamlessly without an interruption to our guests and staff...This waste reduction action plan will aid us in our ...

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Deerhurst Resort
The audit was a 3 day process with waste collection and audit. The audit process was well planned and we experienced no interruptions to our manufacturing process...The action plans will aid in further waste diversion for recycling.

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