Mission Statement:

To leave a positive footprint on society and always deliver the highest possible value to our Clients, suppliers and employees: while building lifetime partnerships that will allow for organic growth based on respect and dignity.

About Us:

PragmaTech Waste Solutions is a proudly Canadian-owned and headquartered waste management consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in the industry.
We are committed to the principle of performance through partnership with our Clients, suppliers and employees. In doing so, we have committed ourselves to building an environment where effort and results are balanced by job satisfaction, recognition and reward at all levels of the organization.
We are proud of our diverse employee make-up that includes over 80% women, and we embrace our nation’s worldview on equality and multi-culturalism.
We are a collective of results driven professionals. We put our passion into action by providing honest, transparent and comprehensive solutions tailored to fit every need and budget.
Our full-suite of waste management solutions and optimization is not only good for the environment, but your business as well. Seeing how others benefit from our services is a testament to quality of work produced.

"The municipality has had its trucking costs reduced by 70%. Exchanging the old system recycling bins was on a weekly cycle, and now it’s monthly. The new compaction bins will compact 7 to 8 tons per bin and the old style would only hold 1 to 2 tons. This is the reason for reduced trucking which was our largest expense. The equipment keeps the site clean, simply because of the ease of use… They provide excellent service and customer support. The municipality has received answers on all concerns we have had throughout this conversion… We strongly recommend this company to assist you with any waste issues."
"…completes our annual waste audits in a well-organized and seamless manner without any interruption to our staff or tenants. They follow up regularly to ensure we are on track with our identified waste reduction goals… Compiles all the annual waste/recycling data and composes a comprehensive audit report that include findings, recommendations and waste reduction work plan specific to our property. They then provide support and guidance throughout the year with this work plan. This waste reduction work plan aids us in our diversion efforts, which help us obtain our goals each year. Through their support and expertise, we have successfully achieved seven (7) awards from the Recycling Council of Ontario for our program… Being a demanding client, they are always quick to bring forth new technologies, changing industry practices and regulations to keep us informed and a leading player in our industry."
“They provide excellent on-site management on an ongoing basis, while providing all of our waste and recycling equipment… The audit was well organized ahead of time and executed seamlessly without an interruption to our guests and staff… This waste reduction action plan will aid us in our diversion efforts which will help us obtain our waste diversion goals.”
“The audit was a 3 day process with waste collection and audit. The audit process was well planned and we experienced no interruptions to our manufacturing process… The action plans will aid in further waste diversion for recycling.”