Environmental responsibility is making it’s way into the mainstream, and with several dedicated events such as Earth Day, Earth Week, and the upcoming Waste Reduction Week, it’s easier than ever to participate.

However, it can be challenging to come up with ideas and activities for the above mentioned events, and that’s why PragmaTech has done the legwork for you!

We’ve been running recycling and sustainability programs at our own office for many years. It’s a great way to practice what we preach, and grow our team spirit at the same time. This year we decided to share some of our activities and make it easier for more offices and organizations to participate in Waste Reduction Week. The below list includes small actions that require very little setup, and some activities that may need you to complete a few steps. The best part is you can select what your team is comfortable with, and follow our instructions!

What is Waste Reduction Week?

A unique Canadian program that focuses on the promotion of circular economy principles, waste reduction, and resource efficiency. The main purpose of this program is to celebrate environmental efforts and promote innovation in sustainability.

The program covers a range of actions starting with simply sharing on social media all the way to organizing your own company events, so it really makes it easy for anyone to enter at any level!

Click here to learn more about Waste Reduction Week

The first thing that you can do is spread the word with the #wastereductionweek hashtag and help others learn about the program. You can include this handy guide when sharing to make it easier for organizers to find activities that they can accomplish.

Daily Activities for Waste Reduction Week

Share your activities online with the #wastereductionweek hashtag. Add a shout-out to @PragmaTechWS(twitter) or @PragmaTechLTD(facebook) and we’ll share your messages too!

Monday October 16th,

  • Ask everyone at the office to wear Green and Blue clothes as the official WRW colours for a photo op.
  • Share an article or video with your coworkers explaining circular economy. This article is a great starting point for a general overview on Circular Economy. If you’d like some examples of Business Applications, then take a look here.
  • Take photos of the CN Tower on October 16th when it is lit in green and blue. Don’t forget to share on social media!

Tuesday October 17th

Used clothing and textiles is a growing problem in our world, and waste reduction week is the perfect time to join the effort to solve it! Used clothing that can still be worn can be donated to your local charity while textiles and clothes that can’t be worn (like a single shoe or very worn out clothes) can be dropped off at Value Village – they accept all textiles.

  • If you can’t schedule a pickup for your clothes with a non-profit collection partner, then you can simply drop it off at your local clothes donation box.
  • Ask everyone at the office to bring old clothes on Tuesday, or collect old clothes during the entire week.
  • If you can weigh all the clothes and post on social media that would be a great bonus! Don’t forget to use the hashtag and shout-out mentioned above.

Wednesday October 18th

Take some time to go over this list of environment and sustainability champions and share their stories on social media! We’ve put together a list for you to use in case you’re having a hard time coming up with your own.

  • Sleemans Breweries – Guelph ON has well developed recycling programs
  • Capreit took part in the Mayors Towering Challenge that the City hosted for multi-residential buildings and ranked in the top 10
  • Canplas Industries – Barrie ON has amazing reuse programs in place
  • Toyota Boshuko – Woodstock, ON has a great reuse program for their gloves
  • Dana Canada – Oakville ON has become 3R Certified

Thursday October 19th

  • Challenge coworkers to not use plastic for one day – and to see what you have to avoid to do that.
  • Make a box and put all the plastic you use in one day in the whole office into that box – share results on social media.

Friday October 20th

  • On a volunteer basis, challenge everyone to bring only homemade food to work
  • Organize a waste free potluck – bring food only in reusable containers!
  • Share food waste related articles on social media.

Do you have more ideas to add to the list? Share with us in comments, or by email to info@pragmatechltd.com, and we’ll add them.


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