How to Implement, Measure, and Evaluate Sustainable Solutions in The Waste Industry

When we work with clients our goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of waste management, recycling, and sustainability solutions independent of haulers, vendors, and suppliers. We work with you to provide a customized turnkey process that makes waste less wasteful.

Navigating the complex legislation landscape is an important part of our services. Often confusing and seemingly contradictory, regulatory compliance can make a significant difference to the overall costs of your waste management efforts and program performance.

With the spotlight on the environment, climate change and sustainability, the laws and regulations are in a constant state of change, often making it difficult to keep an eye on all upcoming and proposed changes impacting the IC&I sector and your business in particular. That’s where Pragmatech comes in – we make sure that these changes don’t catch you by surprise and that you’re ahead of the game when a new law comes in effect.

Knowing that a law exists isn’t all that’s required

Knowing that a law exists isn’t all that’s required – you must also be fully compliant. Pragmatech’s inclusive Waste Audit Process reveals any noncompliance or problematic areas within your organization. The comprehensive Waste Audit Report provides a full analysis of the findings and observations made during the audit as well as recommendations with supporting action plans to bring you into compliance. Learn more about our Waste Audits Methodology and Waste Audit Reports.

We conduct feasibility studies for new program development in support of new and/or proposed legislation to better understand its impact on your organization and what you need to do to prepare for the changes. Learn more about our Feasibility Studies.

While improvement is the goal – the ability to measure progress is key – knowing how much and how far you have improved; and more importantly, the impact that it made on your business is the key to success. At Pragmatech we establish 3 key performance indicators: Generation rate, Capture rate, and Diversion rate. These KPIs are used to examine year-over -year progress and help us develop actionable plans and recommendations to improve performance.

During our waste audit, we use a fine sort process of a full sample of your waste streams and perform a waste composition analysis of your solid non-recyclable and non-hazardous waste. We identify specific program performance concerns based on material type, by point of generation, or by both.

Using an integrated systems approach

We use a wide variety of tools and methods to track and evaluate your waste stream and assess the effectiveness of your waste management strategy. We employ an integrated systems approach to provide effective recommendations and improvement plans. Our Certified Environmental Waste Management Consultants combine the input from your waste audit; Pandora Intelligent Networks sensors, and other sources to design solutions that touch on all parts of your process in order to generate the most effective and efficient results.

Our integrated systems approach leverages the power of people, process, technology, and equipment to divert more waste, capture more recyclables, achieve corporate goals, and be compliant with legislation. Our mission is to work with you to build more sustainable environments.

Managing organic waste is a part of any sustainable environment strategy and is now also part of all provincial and federal planning and regulatory development across Canada.

Specifically, the new Waste Free Ontario Act supported by the Zero Waste Strategy has identified organic waste as a designated material. This is a huge challenge for businesses generating food and compostable waste.

No organic waste profile is the same

No organic waste profile is the same, and sometimes what works for you won’t work for someone else. That’s why a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work in this case. It is necessary to assess the full benefits and analyze the ROI of all program implementation options on an individual basis.

At Pragmatech we identify the volume and point of origin of your organic material, source the right equipment, and determine your facilities space and infrastructure requirements. However, our job doesn’t end here – signage, user education and awareness, stakeholder engagement, promotional materials, and monitoring technologies are all part of an integrated approach that ensures your program is sustainable, efficient, and constantly improving.

Even when everything on your end works well the process is far from over. The entire waste supply chain needs to be managed as a whole to achieve a real and sustainable impact.

The information gathered from Pandora Intelligent Networks, our Waste Audit, and the other tools we employ is used to fine tune your waste supply chain. We manage the entire tender process for our clients to ensure best fit and efficiency when selecting haulers and hauling equipment.

Maintaining an optimized system requires insights at all stages of the supply chain; that’s why we require our haulers to enter dates, times, and weights through the Pandora secure portal.

Where does your waste go after pickup?

Where does your waste go after pickup? That’s what we determine during our downstream accountability assessment of the haulers. We make sure that your waste is managed ethically, legally, and in a sustainable manner through to its end of life.

The Pandora platform allows us to monitor all waste compactors 24/7. Based on a set of predetermined criteria, automatic notifications and alerts are used to trigger pickups; to identify concerns in a timely manner; and reduce the risk of costly down time or repairs.

Pragmatech Service Center is always there to support facility managers ensuring smooth and efficient management of the entire waste removal process and coordination along the waste supply chain.

As the legal and technological landscape changes, so do we.

Growth and learning are a big part of our continued success. To learn more about Waste Supply Chain, Organic Waste Management Best Practices, New and Upcoming Legislation Producer Responsibilities, and other important topics please join us for the “Accelerating Circular Economic Behaviour and Waste Reduction in the IC&I Sector” knowledge session by the Recycling council of Ontario.

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